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This messages is for our Ontario flyers. The order for Ontario in regards to commingling will expire May 20th and is not being extended as far as a verbal notice. They ask we continue with biosecurity measures and continue to monitor our birds for any signs of the Avian flu we may start our race season after May 20th. The hot weather and birds migrating further north has helped in stopping further outbreaks. Good luck to our members for a late great race season.


I saw this update from the CRPU concerning the Avian Flu restrictions.

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Some flyers are asking if it is okay to loft fly during the Ontario lockdown. The ministry office has adamantly stated they do not want our birds out under any conditions until we get the order removed from the Ministry office so sit tight we know it is frustrating but we are required to follow this order as backyard flock owners unless some think our feathered friends are exempt from this if it has feathers and a beak it is a bird. Sorry but this is not the CU doings we are just required to make sure our members are adhering to this order. Sit tight for more updates as they become available.

Tony Puopolo


Good morning folks,

     Due to the government moratorium placed upon racing pigeons, (all domestic birds) to be lifted May 9, the EOC will be delaying our OB season two weeks and will start May 21. This allows us to complete our full schedule and remain on schedule with the UNC so as to participate in the long races. If the government moratorium is extended, the EOC Executive and Directors may decide on a shorter schedule.

 So far, the YB schedule and start date is not affected. 


                    Bird Flu Problems

As you may have heard the bird flu has been discovered in several locations in Ontario. 

The CRPU has issued this directive, based on the requirements of the CFIA.

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Please note for Ontario flyers we are not to hold races, shows or road training until further notice by order of the Chief Vet of Ontario The letter will be posted shortly on our website and Facebook page. Please adhere to the order. We understand the Ontario flyers will be disappointed please don't shoot the messenger we expect all members to adhere to this rule. Thanks

These restrictions are in place until May 9, and the EOC is monitoring the situation. Possibly we could be looking at a mid week race if the restrictions are lifted on May 9.

Not great news but let's hope for the best. I will keep you posted with any new info.


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