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It is with great sadness  we announce the passing of Walter Vantol.

He was surrounded by family at his passing at Peterborough Hospital.

Walter was a member of the Lift lock RPC for many years, Port Hope RPC and presently the Peterborough Kawartha RPC.

Walter was also a lifetime member of the and the CRPU and the EOC.

Walter was known as being one of the best at the long end races. He could be counted on to enter the 500-mile station.

He will dearly be missed by all who knew him.


Rest in peace our friend  4/28/2021

                                                  NEW OB START DATE

       Good afternoon EOC members,


As you are aware, because of the current Government Covid lockdown, we have been forced to delay the start of OB racing.

The restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on May 20, so the EOC intends to initiate our OB schedule

on Saturday May 22 from Bissett Creek, following the full schedule as planned, through and including the Klotz Lake race on July 24. The UNC schedule also begins on May 22, and our long races still line up with their’s due to the fact they intend to drop the first short race.

Hopefully you are all well and enjoying the start of OB training.

Of course, if the lockdown date is extended, we will revisit this plan.

Let’s try to stay positive and look forward to racing again!

Best Regards,

 Joe Kay, Recording Secretary,

 On behalf of President/Race Sec.

 Frank Waterfall